Customers Voice お客様の声

A. Scheerer and Bozi Filipaj on their trip around the world in a P46 Jetprop: Petair was an excellent choice for handling in Japan and we we would recommend their services any time.

Jack Wiegand on his successful attempt to circle the globe as the youngest pilot ever (2013): “This was a great experience and I was very happy to have you on my side. I have seen many different handlers all over the world and you are much more personal, cost efficient, responsive, etc..

H.J. Schwerhoff, Round-the-world 2010: "Avgas is difficult to get in Japan and formalities tend to be complicated, but with the help of Petair we got through Japan smoothly and the trip was a wonderful experience"

Forrest W.: World Record attempt around the world 2011: "Petair got me through Japan quickly and efficiently, despite all sudden changes and the red tape in Japan". Also, Forrest's SMS departing Naha to the Philippines: "ONE HOUR TURN IN ROAH GREAT JOB! THANKS"

Marcio L., from Australia to the USA 2011:"Thank you a lot for the great service that you provided and the time required for this mission. I will certainly use your services again"